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Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics for an in-depth questioning of human health

Date de publication: 17 mars 2020

S. Alves ; A. Paris ; E. Rathahao-Paris
Advances in Clinical Chemistry 159 (). DOI

Travail réalisé sur le site de Sorbonne Université.


Today, metabolomics is becoming an indispensable tool to get a more comprehensive analysis of complex living systems, providing insights on multiple aspects of physiology. Although its application in large scale population-based studies is very challenging due to the processing of large sample sets as well as the complexity of data information, its potential to characterize human health is well recognized. Technological advances in metabolomics pave the way for the efficient biomarker discovery of disease etiology, diagnosis and prognosis. Here, different steps of the metabolomics workflow, particularly mass spectrometry-based approaches, are discussed to demonstrate the potential of metabolomics to address biological questioning in human health. First an overview of metabolomics is provided with its interest in human health studies. Analytical development and advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation and computational tools are discussed regarding their application limits. Advancing metabolomics for applicability in human health and large-scale studies is presented and discussed in conclusion.